Sunday, October 2, 2011

To boldly Waaagh where no Ork has gone before.

To seek out new prey and destroy civilizations,
To boldly Waaagh where no Ork has gone before.

On a road trip back from Adepticon 2010, a deranged idea formed. Most likely due to lack of sleep and the 10-hour drive from Chicago to Baltimore. 

Ork Trek!

A clan of Orks influenced by a labor day Star Trek marathon signal that traveled threw time and warp to M40.999

Amazed by the power of Da Kirk, they emulate all that is Star Trek

Kirk = Warboss
Scotty = Big Mek
Bones = Painboss
Spock= Nob with Larpa weapon
Sulu = Nob with rapier sword
Chekov = ?????
Nurse Chapel = Grot Orderly
Captain Pike = Detf dread
Phasers = Sluggas
Enterprise = Battle Wagon
Generic Red Shirt = Grots
Tribbles = Squigs
shuttle craft = Trukk
Teleporting = Kommando Squad

Test Ork to see if my ideas would work.

Torsos and Phasers to be made into a mold.